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Bought a new (to me) "Avalong"

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First time Toyota owner. Picked up this guy recently, XSE Hybrid w/ 20k miles. Was really in the market for a Camry XSE Hybrid, but 1) was having a really hard time locating one new and 2) used ones w/10-20k miles were selling well over MSRP. I pretty much got this Avalon close to what I was seeing the Camrys go for.

Considering I like the styling of the Avalon more and the added leg room in the back, I had to jump on it.

First impressions are great.

Only "nuances" are:
  • The temp gage doesn't sit in the center. Whatever, that's fine.
  • Fuel gage sits well past "F" when full. Whatever, that's fine.
  • Passenger front headlight has a "haze" to it when looking at it at the right angle. Really strange, but with the wee bit of digging I already did around here it sounds like this isn't uncommon.
  • Had a rattle in the car over larger bumps. I learned that it's the button on the center console. There is about a 1/16" of play in it that isn't spring loaded so when I go over a rougher surface on the road it rattles a bit. Not a big deal, I'm glad I know where it's coming from - I should be able to come up with a fix so the button has some dampening to it.
These are obviously pretty petty things - I've only been in the car for less than a week so not much to complain about.

Obviously love the styling, the fuel economy, and I am really looking forward to some peace of mind. My wife has a Prius and that thing is a marvel to me. It just goes...

My previous car was a CC so I'm also thrilled to have retained most (if not all) of the features I had in it. Plus, now I have lots of the bells and whistles that were absent in the CC as well. Only thing I miss are the rain-sensing wipers... I feel like all cars should have them. Good thing is I'll only be reminded of it when it's raining.
Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Got through my first tank... lots of highway driving - averaged 45.4mpg according to my fill-up and the Trip ODO. The dash display should be pretty accurate too. I reset the integrated mpg counter a couple days ago and the mpgs have been climbing since. I had 46mpg on the readout before I cleared it, and am at 42.5mpg now so I expect it to average around 44mpg once I get more miles in.
Gauge Font Vehicle Auto part Technology

I will say that once the hybrid honeymoon phase is over and I'll probably see more around 41-43 to a tank. I've been really easy on it when in EV mode and have been capitalizing on coasting down the mountains without getting on the throttle.

That is all.
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Congratulations on the XSE Nightshade - I have the same exact car and color.
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I must ask, does the "Nightshade" designation apply to the Hybrids? When I was digging, non-hybrids had the XSE Nightshade as a trim, but for Avalon Hybrid it was only "XSE".

Even the Camrys distinguish between the two as they have an XSE and an XSE Nightshade.

I've wondered so I don't say the wrong thing.
Good question.

For 2022 Avalon Hybrid, there is only one XSE version: XSE Nightshade.

It has black - wheels, door handles, mirror trim, fin, spoiler, and black lettering on the rear taillight section.
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Is it just me or did the guy who designed the Toyota and Lexus grilles use to work for a snowplow company?
Nice ride! :cool:
If so, I love driving my Avalon Hybrid snow plow 😊

If so, I love driving my Avalon Hybrid snowplow 😊.
BWM grills remind me of Hitler's mustache, so I could never drive one.
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If your car is a 2022 Avalon Hybrid XSE Nightshade, I'm confused by the door handles and fin not being black and I'm not seeing "XSE" on the back of the car. 🤔

I didn't notice these details previously.

According to a previous post it isn't a Nightshade. Just an XSE, and I presume the car was de-badged by the previous owner. When they took the car in to "detail" it the dealer threw on their "Flow" badging... which I hate. I'm sure I could argued for it's removal since I didn't want any of that nonsense on the car.
Unless I missed it, your OP doesn't mention what year the car is. ;)
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