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okay. i got me a 05 toyota corolla X-rs. Anyways for every new car, you need to drive it a certain way for so many miles. i heard something called 'breakin in'.. for how many miles? i heard i cant do a 'road trip' on my brand new car for couple thousand miles.

ALSO- what kind of soap would u recommend if i wanted to wash my car.
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:confused: No road Trip? That sounds like a bunch of bull. I've known a lot of people that have gone on road trips with their new cars
If you were breaking in a car it seems like a road trip would be perfect. I know with a new/rebuilt engine you basically wanna be nice to it for the first 300 - 500 miles. Not rev to high... like over 3500rpm. If your car is an automatic... and it's brand new... you shouldn't have any trouble. That no road trip thing sounds like BS.
For the first car wash use ultra dawn, then wax. After that use any brand name car wash soap. They say for the first 500 miles to not go above 80mph. I wouldn't really rev it up til at least 1k miles.
Oh and don't forget that you need to run premium in that thing. Nice car by the way.
Go on your road trip. Not sure how long of a trip this would be, but as a precaution, do an extra oil change before the 1st scheduled one to remove any particulates during the break-in period.

As for washing, you could do what trdcamry2003 suggested and strip all the wax off the car with a dish detergent. If you do this, you MUST re-apply a coat of wax. If you're not prepared to go through the trouble, you don't deserve such a beautiful car! just kidding :lol: You can use any soap specifically for cars. They're not as harsh. The trick is to rinse your car and remove as much grime off with the water first. Then proceed to use lots of soap and water and a clean wash towel to massage your baby.

Congrats on the new car and welcome to TN :cool:
Hmm, I was told don't go over 3000 rpm on my new car for the first 1000km. The speed wasn't an issue, so I've been going about 120km on the highway. I'm also taking a 3 hour business road trip next week, I'm not really gonna worry about it. Just don't use your cruise control, you gotta vary your speeds a bit.
when I got my new engine in my truck I had to break it in for about 1000mi (vary speeds etc) then i took her back in for an oil change and to get the heads re-torqued.
don't keep it at the same speed for a long time if it's a new car, that's why trips are not recommended for first 1000 miles

I wouldn't wash my car with dawn , do you want to wash your car with the same thing you do your dishes with? if you want to strip your wax use a polish, I wou'dn't recommend it since you already have it waxed, unless you're a real detailing enthusiast and want to put on a wax of your choice.

Find any car shampoo in walmart, they all are pretty much the same, remember to hand try it aftwards, I use microfiber towels.
Well, I am going to have to disagree with all of you. I believe a hard break-in is the best way to do it. This article is what changed me over:
So read that article, and tell me what you think.
well its around 5000 km...u do the math to miles
You should not hold your vechile at the same rpm for an extended period of time (continuously varying your rpm helps your valves & rings set properly) and NO you should never break a vehicle in hard no matter what anything says. In my race car and my go-kart engines I ALWAYS break them in slowly, if you dont, you run the risk of not allowing the rings to seat and then you also run the risk of scoring the cylinder wall and then burning oil on a brand new motor.

I am speaking from experience.

That guy is a bloody moron - that article is pathetic and incorrect - but by all means break in your engine how you want but dont come crying when you start burning oil.
How is he getting better results then? Do the pictures lie? :confused:
That site looks funny. Looks like they're high on something when they made it.

I wouldn't want to listen to site like that breaking in my engine.
Yeah that article was kinda scary...I would do anything over 80 and i'd vary the speeds.
To wash it, use dish detergent to remove a lot of the filth. Make sure you wash the tires too...but after you wash the car-silicone breaks up the soap and is tough to remove from your car. Zymol makes a great pre-wax cleaner (gets out small scratches in the clear coat and the yucky grime) and after the pre-wax cleaner use their wax. (Great stuff, goes on easy, smells great, blue/green bottle). It usually stays on nicely for up to 6 washings with a gentle car soap. Use the industrial strength Pledge (yeah I said it- dusting spray) on your tires and wipe in with a clean cloth. Not as shiny as silicone, but you can wash your wheels and not ruin your bucket of car soap.
I'll shut up now....and congrats on your new beautiful Toy!
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do the pictures lie? How do you know what those pistons even came out of? For all anyone knows they could have come out of a boat that was sunk in the 70s. (well know what i mean)
Just drive normally, do jackrabbit start up and stops. Don't go over 3K rpms. Don't use cruise control. Vary your speeds.

As far as the exterior: yes you CAN use DAWN (i used it on my brand spankiong new solara and still looks nice)...but like others indicated wax it up nicely again (again do this if you have time...otherwise..a slightly dirty car is better than one w/o a good protected wax ie. if your lazy). and welcome to the forums....:cool:
im doing break-in right now on my civic..........MAN IT SUCKS. Ive only gone over 3K RPMs a few times though so i havent been too bad.
don't go over 3000 rpm

no long trips

don't go over 100km/hr

all the above holds until you hit 3000 km
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