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I need some edumacation on this topic! I'm stating to shop for a BOV for the MR2, now, I don't exactly know what I should be looking for. The only constraint I have is that is has to be loud (she likes the sound :thumbsup:) So what BOVs would you guys reccomend to me, or discourage me from looking at?

Stock MK2 3SGTE
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I think the HKS SSQV sounds the best, but it's been discontinued.
If you look hard enough, I'm sure you can still find someone who carry's it. Don't wait too long though...
dont do it. Its pointless. The stock BPV can handle almost 19psi without a problem. All youll end up with is more problems from switching it, especially if you go vented to atmosphere.

And im not sure what phatroyale is talking about, but the SSQV was not discontinued, they only just came out with a new version.
The only reason to put a BOV on a MR2 is the sound... but that's what you're looking for so that's okay.

The only thing that becomes an issue is that you need either an adapter to fit it on the hotpipe, or have it welded on. Obviously, the adapter is usually the better route. I've seen all kinds of BOVs in MR2s -- I suggest going to Youtube and searching for "mr2 bov"... heck, here's the direct link:

I have a Blitz Super Sound BOV that I put in the car when I want to run around town going "Pshhhhht!" The only thing you need to watch out for is the car dying if you shift into neutral from boost and don't give it gas.
^^^which is why i say not worth it. It creates points of running extremly rich in the car when comming to a stop and also shifting. Not worth it IMO unless you are going speed density and removing the AFM alltogether
^^^ Agreed... to an extent. Some people really like the sound and just want a BOV for that purpose. The rich shifting doesn't harm anything and is easy to work around.

I bought my MR2 with a BOV on it and stalled it a few times in the first day. Then I stopped shifting directly into neutral from boost or just blip the throttle if I do. I haven't had any problems since when using the BOV (I usually use the stock BPV but sometimes I let my inner ricer out).
And another note that is somewhat important:

The stock BPV (and the SSQV, I believe) are the only valves I'm aware of that use the boost pressure to seal them so they won't leak under high boost. Most BOVs (including mine) use a spring to resist the boost pressure so if you are running high boost, you could force that spring open during regular operation and get a boost leak. That's the main reason to stick with the stocker -- it should seal better at higher boost than it does at lower.
Stay away from: Ebay no name crap. Any BOV with 'cool' adonized colors on it, stay away. I suggest the HKS SSQV and I personally have a genuine GReddy Type S BOV. Its the cleanest sounding BOV for the 3S ive ever witnessed. It required an adaptor. Anything other than HKS or GReddy..NO

Crap BOV's make a ricey PSSSSSSSSSSS sound, cause they are designed to make a loud 'noise'-rice. A true performance open atmosphere BOV is going to make a PSSSSSHHHH sound. The way air pressure is SUPPOSED to sound being dumped out. :clap: YAY i make noises!
And im not sure what phatroyale is talking about, but the SSQV was not discontinued, they only just came out with a new version.
Yeah, after checking my sources, you're right. Any idea what the differences between the old and new versions are?
pretty much just the look of them as far as i know. Im sure they made minor changes but nothing substantial


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i could get u the hks sqv bov if u want one just hit me back up, or any other parts u need
even though his (g/f's) mr2 has a map sensor as opposed to maf, it shouldn't stall or provoke a rich condition ... correct?
Correct. MAP-based engines are fine with it. AFM-based engines have the rich condition.

EDIT: mk2-1jz's gf's car has the AFM (as seen in the first post) but the above still holds true.
If you're only getting it for the annoying chirp noise, you're driving the wrong car.

Just my $0.02

The stock toyota By-pass valve is far superior in performance to any aftermarket noise-maker you'll find on the market.

If you must go with aftermarket, the HKS SSQV is a push type valve (like the stock BPV), and only closes tighter the higher the boost pressure. Most of the rest of them use springs, and are mostly garbage in my opinion.

Have fun and check back in once the novelty has died out.
You can get the HKS SSQV with a recirculation fitting...not as loud as without but the same noise. It'll still be pretty loud if you have a cold air intake...
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