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Brake Light comes on Randomly

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I've noticed that the brakes have started to fade--and the pedal needs to be pushed down further to have the same effect.

Also, recently, the "handbrake" (E-Brake) light comes on randomly.

1998 Camry LE (Front Discs, Rear Drums), approaching 100k miles.

My question is: Is it time to just replace the Rotors, Pads, Drums and Shoes all together? I know I can get them to see what's wrong with it for $45 (as for the Brake light), but I've noticed from the past that resurfacing or fixing just one thing in the brake system really doesn't do anything for the overall feel or performance.
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Check your brake pads
as well as your brake fluid levels
which can also be responsible for the brake light coming on
check your brake fluid level, or the ebrake switch, the wire could have a brake and its going right to ground or the switch itself is going bad

you may need new brakes, question do they pulsate? do u feel it in the wheel or in your ass? you may need front brakes and its hard to tell with out removing the wheel. if you do need them. use brembo rotors from, i got mine for 80 bucks shipped. thats more then half the price i would have payed for oem. and only use oem pads, aftermarket are crap, i dont care what anyone tells you. the rear drums normally last almost forever you are gonig to have to pull the drum and see how much pad is left. the min i would go with drums is 1.5mm if you have atleast 2 you are good, just sand down the pads surface spray the brake and drum with brake cleaner, inspect for any leaks, and re adjust and you should be good.

hope i could be some help
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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