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Brake light switch ?

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Tried to do a search and it tells me that I'm not logged on.????????
Oh well! My brake lights are stuck ON. The switch will cut them off after I inserted a spacer bar between it and the stopper on the pedal so adjusting it seems to be the cure. Lifting up on the pedal didn't work. The switch isn't loose so I don't know why it suddenly decided to shift positions. Or if the switch is the real problem, just that it'll cure it. I pulled a battery cable to get through the night and am waiting on daylight to be able to work on it. The question I have is...Is there any easy way for a ham handed fumbler with bifocals to reach that damn switch? Anybody else had this problem?

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Ha! ha! :D Got the seat back as far and as flat as it'll go now. This is hard on an old man. (where's the whiney symbol?)

Installed a new switch and I've still got the same problem. Unless the new switch is bad too. I'm stumped! Isn't the switch normally the only thing that'll break the circuit to the brake lights?

I've got
Switch unplugged-- no brake lights.
Switch plugged with button depressed-- lights on
Switch plugged with button out--- lights on
Only thing I can think to do now is to ground the lights and see if the juice is coming from somewhere else.
This happened on my way home last night.

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Put a multimeter to the switches.

Depressed, should be open, released should be zero, or near to ohms.

In the voltage range, you should see battery across the plug, or near to it.

If all the above plays out, eyeball the wiring between the harness and the plug.

Sounds to me like that's where the fault will be found. The wire going to the "high side" of the switch is grounding out somewhere when the switch is installed..
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