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brake pads

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alright i called cnd tire
they have monroe premium pads, i asked them if they were semi-metallic... but i dont trust them, those guys arent real mechanics... as i use to work at the parts counter myself lol

so what do u think, monroe premium pads for my brembo crossdrilled/slotted rotors?

if not, where should i go n pick up a set of pads
im installing them this sat
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Re: Brake Pads for Crossdrilled Rotors


I also have Crossdrilled Rotors(KVR) on my 1998 TRD Camry. I really like the KVR Pads. You can get them at:

Someone from the forum informed me of this site and made several satisfied purchases.

Hope this Helps

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it'll take too long if i order online

i never heard of that bendix
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