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Brake Problems!!

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Ok at the beginning of this week my brakes ( or so I think )started screwing up.

I was getting some scraping and clanging. So I checked my rotors for warps and they looked fine. I replaced the brake pads regardless with new better ones. So my rotors are fine and my brake pads are fine. The brake line is fine. The caliper seems alright to me, when I brake it is nice and smooth.

Here is the thing. I have to turn the steering wheel to the left somewhat to keep it straight. When I do this I get this nasty scraping on the left wheel - and possibly the right as well. For the longest time everything was just fine. Steering wheel was straight, brakes were fine.

Also when I accelerate forward, or have to turn farther left I get the scraping. I also get this clang that to me seems like it is smacking against the rotor, but I been checking them and they seem alright but god knows everything seems to be screwing up now...200,000 miles

What do you think happened :(

I can drive the car but all of this scraping and clanging makes the car wobble (just a little bit).
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