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Brake Rotor question

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I have a used 99 Camry Le ( 4 cyl). Does the front brake rotor come out easily? My pads are still good (40K miles on it) but I have been experiencing some vib when breaking hard especially at high way speeds. I think I might need to have to rotor turned so I am thinking of removing them and bringing it to a machine shop.

My old accord had rotors that are hard to remove since you have to remove the whole shaft or have the rotors turned while on the car. I was wondering if this is the same case with the 99 Camry.
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No they aren't pressed on. Once you've taken off the caliper bracket the rotor will come right off.
Thanks!! Any other tips on working on the front brakes?
not really, its pretty much as simple as it gets, 2 bolts to take off the caliper, and the rotor comes right off
Im sure one of the pads are getting very close to being worn out. Replace them with some ceramics. It's also a good idea to have the brake fluid flushed and clean and adjust the rear brakes. Be sure to have the rotors measured to see if the are still serviceable.
pray for no rust....but then again, you're in cali, and not canada.....:hammer:

lucky sobs.....
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