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Brakes last on AWD 05 Matrix XR

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Hi, I am trying to find out the typical mileage life of brakes on the 05 Matrix XR AWD, especially if it is primarily receiving city miles?
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I just change on XRS @ 35000 Chicago suburgs. Nometter where or how you drive just get nice breaks, don't be cheap from Autozone with Lifetime waranty and dont have to worry about them anymore ;)
Hi...I also have an 05 4WD. I have 62K miles on the original brakes. I haven't visually checked them lately, but the last time I did they were fine. I'm pretty sensitive to the sounds from them, but so far, nothing incriminating. I do a mix of city/highway driving in the DC/Baltimore area.
if it is a lot of city driving, i would suggest 20,000 - 25,000 miles. i keep hearing much of the lifetime brakes. i havent ever tried them, but others seem to recommend them quite a bit.
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