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okay well I'm Jodee, I could use some pointers on what to do about my 2000 Avalon V6, what's the get down on changing the master cylinder and bleeding the brakes? Do I really need to take it to the dealership because it has anti lock brakes? And am I supposed to bench bleed them?

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It has more to do with how capable you are on whether you need to take the car into a dealership or not.
Are you familiar with doing repairs on your car? If you are, there is no reason why you can't do it yourself.
Why are you replacing the master cylinder? Something wrong with it? What is it doing that make you feel a replacement is necessary?
Nevertheless, it is ideal to bench bleed the master cylinder before installation; less chance of introducing air into the system.
Do a search on the forum for the steps to replace a master cylinder. Post any question you may have, sure someone will be happy to provide you with an answer!
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