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am going to be replacing my brakes this weekend hopefully, was thinking about getting these

the hawk pads are a little too noisy for daily driving and i am just going to resurface my stock rotors so i dont think ill need performance brake pads. has anyone used those before?
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ok =] i trust you so ill just get the cheap-o ones.
Hey, you just did your brakes not to long ago. What happened... Maybe you just need them adjusted ;)
Get Posi Quiet's. Read the reviews and ratings about them. You won't be disappointed.
did my rear brakes ;) got new drums and the whole shebang. time to do fronts and adjust the backs.
those posiquiets are less then what i got quoted for the oem @ the dealership. cheaper per pad 4 @ 40 bucks means 10 bucks. dealership asked 35 for 2 fronts.
hawk hps /thread.
you sound like cgreen on the trd forums. heh they will be too noisey i talked to someone who had them on stock rotors and said they were noisey =\ besides they are 60+ dollars for 2 compared to 40 for 4.
yeah they are quite noisy but i have my music blasting anyway so i cant hear it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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