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.:brand New Motorola Bluetooth Headsets 4 Sale:.

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The ones I'm selling:
H3 BLUETOOTH HEADSET - BLACK - 22356 ----$60
H605 BLUETOOTH HEADSET - 22327----$60
H700 Motorola Bluetooth® Headset - 22333----$60
Motorola Bluetooth® Headset H500 - Silver - 22334----$45
Bluetooth Wireless Headset HS850 - 22318----$60

Alrighty guys, im selling these headsets for my dad. Basically, my dad ordered headsets for his employees, and he didnnt know what you need BLUETOOTH cell phones to use these--bad decision . I have 3 of each available, so let me know if anyone wants to take 'em of my hands. I can work something out if anyone wants more than one headset.

Thanks in advance

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts