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Hey I just traded in a 2001 Range Rover for a black '08 SR5 Access cab and am pretty excited about it. I pick up the truck tomorrow night but want to browse around and see what others have done to thiers and see what I can do to improve my truck.

This looks like a pretty good site to get some ideas.

first thing I wanna do is get a retractable bed cover for it. any idea where I can find a decent one online or in the Boston area?

thx in advance for any and all input.

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07 Silver Taco
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hey congrats on your purchase welcome to the Nation u can check out autoanything as well they have a some good prices on tonneau covers as well they will price match and free shipping pics when you get your ride...:thumbup:

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Kudos on your new Taco. :)
Yea, I'll take a while to get use to how the truck handles, brakes and accelerates. I came from a small car to my Pre Runner SR5 V6 a.c.
Have fun with it.
I've done nothing with it so far- had it since Feb 29th. Came with 18" enkei, floor mats and tinted windows.
There are tons of things that could be added-bigger wheels, bull bar, nerf bars et al.
Have fun:D

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mine is a prerunner but i treat it like a 4wd and never been stuck i have been threw mud holes the a full size chevy was stuck in (i guess it is how you drive)

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Toyota Warranty

Hey Congrats! Im in the north shore and I just picked up my truck about 8 weeks ago.. one of the best things that I found was this post (see below)... SAVED ME TONS OF MONEY! The stealership (term I learned here in Toyota Nation LOL) Charged me more than 2x the price of this! I don't know how to post a link to a thread, so I just copied the info.. Check this out, I am keeping my truck for A LONG TIME... so the extended warranty seems like a good idea to me, esp for <$900!

Troy was great to deal with, let him know you heard about him from Toyota Nation

Good luck!

Great Deal on Extended Warranties
If your vehicle has less than 36k miles/3 yrs. then you need to check this out.

This is the best deal I have found on an Extended Warranty.

This is only available for vehicles that qualify for new vehicle plans by Toyota, this means they must be less than 36 months since the Date of First Use (original sale date) and have less than 36,000 miles. US or Canadian.

These warranties are actual Toyota warranties, not some 3rd party warranty. The warranty is good at all Toyota dealerships. Troy also does Scion and Lexus warranties.

4wd Tacoma Platinum warranty lists for $1650 from the dealership. Troy can do $880.00 for the 7 yr/100k mile Platinum coverage w/ $0 deductible. :thumbup:
(Troy offers the same warranty on a 4x4 Tundra for $990) Heck, one transmission repair job could cost you more than that. IMO it's a good idea to get the extended warranty, especially when you can get it for half the cost that most dealerships charge for it.

Troy can give you a deal on any Toyota, Scion, or Lexus vehicle.
Just e-mail him.

If you have already bought an extended warranty, but you paid too much, you can still cancel your warranty, get a refund, and buy a new one through Troy, and save some money. Plus a portion of the proceeds will go to Toyota Nation to support the site. :clap:

Here is the link to Toyota Financial website, which lists the plan benefits and retail pricing, as it would be too extensive for me to list here. ectionPlan

Toyota of Greenfield
12 Olive Street
Greenfield, MA 01301

Dealer # - 20134

Troy Dietrich

Email - [email protected]

Troy gets tons of e-mails about warranties, so when you send Troy an e-mail please copy and paste this "form" below, and fill it out. This will help speed things up and make it easier for everybody.

- Toyota Nation User Title:
- First name:
- Last name:
- Address:
- Phone:
- Email address:
- Vehicle Year/Make/Model:
- 2wd or 4wd:
- The Warranty Plan/Terms you want:

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Welcome and congratulations on your new truck. Things I've done to my '08 that I recommend:

Tire upgrade- chose Bridgestone Revos (up one size) and couldn't be happier. Local shop gave me credit for the stock ones.

Extang Trifecta Signature tonneau- works awesome on the Tacomas, folds to 1/3 length and quick to remove, uses factory rail system, you can use factory cleats in the rail still. People like the access lorado also and various other tonneaus, search and you'll find tons of posts on these

Bed Mat- a must if you don't want cargo to slide around, I got a cheap universal one and trimmed to fit

Trimmed front mudflaps 4" shorter- they just looked goofy to me at the stock length

Tailgate "lock" from DIY articles (cheap hose clamp to slow down a drunken theif)

Alternative bike mounts from DIY artciles

I think N-fabs side steps are my next addition, IMO they look cool and would be functional for my kids/wife

Have fun with the new ride! Personally I had to get used to the "sitting on the floor" feeling of the Tacoma at first. That awkward feeling only lasted a week and now it feels normal to me. If I had to pick my favorite improvement of the above: TIRES!
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