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7th Gen Celica GT
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Hello TRD Brothers & Sissters;

Wish to great you all as i am a new member to this forum. :naughty:
Indeed, I am a proud TRD Fan and will not let you all down! (lol)

I presently own a 2000 Toyota Celica GT, swapped with a 1ZZ-FE from 2006. Also done some work on the transmission and plan to tune this car for Lapping.

I've also owned a 1990 Toyota Corolla AWD as a winter beater.... that was the best 500$ i've ever spent on a winter car... this thing had 240,000 KM on it and was still running strong. Made me look like a mad tight winter drifter. ;)

All in all, Welcome me to the team. As my intention is to learn and share from this site.

Thanks in advance!
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