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Hi all.

I'm new here.

I test drove a Matrix a few weeks ago. I liked it, but the ride was a little stiff. I assume that's typical of 'sporty' cars. I think I'm going to take another test drive before I decide.

My question is this. Are Matrix's as easily broken into as Corollas? Moreover, are they broken into as much?

Thanks for the info.

- pleBa
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Probably not. Who wants to break into a station wagon?! :lol:
:rolleyes: some one tried breaking into my wagon and messed up the driver side window. honestly it matter how bad they want it
Left my passenger side window half open the whole day on my first day of school...nothing taken.
this car is about as stiff as a wet sponge man... i dont know what you been driving...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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