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Broken bolt help

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OK, not going to let this ruin my

I have broken the pivot bolt in half on my Alt. One half in my Alt, and the other in my hand. I went ahead and took the Alt. off the car now. How do I go about getting that stud out of the Alt at this point?

I was thinking machine shop? Or is there a way I can drill it out? Or is there something at a local auto parts store that can help me with this? Thanks.
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Drill it out and then use a Tap and Die set to create new threads.
You can also drill it and use a ez out.

But if you mess up the threads in the process you'll have to use a tap.
If you mess up the threads, tapping it will be useless(if you are past just a light bend on them). You would want to drill it out wider and use a heili-coil (did I spell that right?).
Took it to a buddy who welded a nut to it and back it out. Threads looked great. Went to Dealership to get bolt (had to get another part too) and they didn't have it! I couldn't believe they didn't have a bolt for such a common car. So...I got a bolt from AZ that matched and got it all back together. Ran great.

Then....I locked my keys in my car. I could see them on the drivers seat.


Can't win for loosin'. I'm at home, so my wife will be home in a few hours with the spare.

It's never boring around here.:D
Haha I have a related question.

I snapped a wheel bolt in half, one half in the hub the other in my hand. How do I get the other half out of the hub and can I just pick up a replacement bolt at a parts store?

Riding on 4 bolts sucks :(
You need to hit the wheel stud out and you can get one from Dealer. Some rim shop might have it. You may need to take the hub out to get the stud out and hammer new one in.
ok since we're talking about broken bolts... im getting my sway bar next week and have been worrying about the common problem of the bracket bolts snapping due to being worn out or rusted. IF that were to happen to me (knock on wood for i am the king of snafu here), how would i be able to get it out?
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