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just had dealer replace my steering gear again, at least i think they meant rack and pinion. last time was a year ago, due to rack bushing movement. of course they cant just replace the problem part and have to replace the whole freaking rack. only do this because i have a warranty and dont know how to do the work myself, know much about the parts, still learning and dont have space to work on my truck myself.

told them i found my issue was a left tie rod. figured i recently messed that up, offroading causing right pull in my steering and alignment. so they replaced the rack again because most parts come with the rack that have to be replaced?

this whole time, ive been wondering if my real issue has to do with running bigger tires? BF KOs 265 75 16s and with a broken wheel stud? its slightly shaved off on the right wheel. the lug bolt fastens on, enough to secure the tire. but im thinking theres vibration from the stud being shaved off and causing these other suspension issues ive been having?

dealer couldnt align my left front camber to factory specs, because they say the frame needs pull from body shop to come into specs? does this mean i have a bent frame? been thinking of going back to factory size tires. either way, i need to replace that right wheel stud, now that i think about it.
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