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BTune looking for some cars!

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BTune is looking for the follow models to do R&D on to find out imput on the springs. We need the following cars to do measurements, and take pictures of:

98-02 Accord 4 Cyl
96-00 Civic
97-02 Prelude
02-... RSX

04-... Mazda 6
99-... Miata

95-99 Eclipse
00-... Eclipse
02-... Lancer

02-... Sentra SER

93-98 Supra Turbo
90-95 MR-2

In return, you will have a set of Swift Springs at less than cost, and free Labor. If you are interested please call the shop at (714)739-1132, and ask for Allen. I will schedule a time for you to come in. Thanks!
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