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Build expectations...

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I'm Guy, I'm new here. I'm a multi time Toyota offender... 3 Tacomas (all 90's vintage)..
Anyway, I turn 51 next month, I've been without a taco for several years now, it's time to get a new ride.. I want it to be the last truck I own..
I'm looking into a custom t100 build...
Extended cab
Standard trans
I need 4wd
More than stock power
Tricks to get improved fuel economy
Tundra power
Since I have a crappy back (4 surgeries) I want extended travel for a kooshie ride... not sweet jumps, I also want it to handle so the extra width will be welcome...

I'd like to discuss some of your experiences here on this thread.

I put it in the TRD forum because I consider this project to be the essence of TRD.
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Welcome to the addiction, we're here to help, honest. ;)
Well for starters if you don't have a T100 yet find a '97 or '98 that way if you want more HP you can put a Magnuson SC on it without ECM issues and they're 50 state legal. There's a good wrecking yard in Rancho Cordova that has a good selection of salvage parts. The after-market selection is limited. Best to post on the T100 area too.
Polish up your computer search skills.
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