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Building 2nd gen.

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Well guys, Mike and I are dropping out his 2nd gen 3s-gte for some modifications. Yesterday he ordered new intercooler, ACT clutch, boost controler, fuel controler, throtal cable (old one was fraying), colder plugs, and a down pipe for $2300 shipped from we need to set some $$ aside to fix his transmission which grinds whenever he shifts into 3rd and wont go into 4th. Should we think about getting a tranny re-build kit, taking it to a shop, or buy a new one? Anyways, if you guys want some pics, i can upload them.
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Yeah, post some pics, should be an interesting operation. You guys wouldn't happen to know who might have a 2nd gen turbo for sale around tacoma area would ya? :eek:
You should look into getting a 93+ LSD tranny. And I hear those ACT Clutches aren't all that great... hope you guys did your research :)
The SPEC clutches are awesome ... and if you go with an LSD tranny you are going to need new inner stubs for the axles.
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