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Built 5Sfe update :) "upped boost !"

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Wasabi again everyone, its been a long time since my last update because nothing really new has happened. its been a little over 2200miles on the new built engine and its still running great,sounds great,and feels great. i know i would lose some power from the 8.5:1 compression pistons and i feel it most on the low end since theres no boost there up untill around 3500rpm then it pulls hard up to redline which it maxes out at around 8psi.. ive gotten into a little acceleration matches on the freeway ehehe, one guy we ended up at the same stop light and he asked me if i was 5spd and i told em "no its auto" then he said "oh.. v6 ?" and i said "nope.. 4cyl" lol then he said "bullshit!" and drove off as i said "no no im serious" lol.

Anyways we still havent gotten a chance to hit the dyno to tune and get some numbers at the 8psi setup so im sure i wasnt getting the most power out of it as i couldve but i was pretty sure that it was running good and safe. We also installed a trans cooler which helped out alot with shifting "thanks Steve :)" but like i said i know i lost some power from the lower compression pistons. So i figured while im waiting on a friend to get me setup on my dyno run i minus well up my boost and get it tuned all at one time instead of tuning at 8psi then going back for the 11psi.

The new crank pulley is huge compared to the stock one and its alot lighter too ! also the stock one has a rubber damper while the Rippmods oversized one doesnt. The install went pretty smooth but since the pulley was so big we had to remove the front engine mount and the dog bone to lower the engine a little so the new pulley could go on straight otherwise it would hit the frame and couldnt go on. We also replaced the stage2 8psi pulley on the supercharger driveshaft and reinstalled the stage1 5psi pulley, this set up with the oversized crank pulley and stage1 5psi pulley combo makes the 11psi total.. according to Ross the crank oversized crank pulley with the stage2 8psi would make 14 - 17psi which im not ready for yet :lol: . Of course we needed to hunt down a longer belt and man lemme tell you that was the hardest part of the install :lol: .

After the we finished the job we upped the fuel pressure regulator 5psi which brings it to about 65psi at idle and a little over 70psi when stepping on it. I also upped the fuel on the S-AFC another 5 - 10% for now untill i can hit the dyno and see where im at but for now its better rich than lean. I took the car out for a drive and took it up to see where i was at on boost and over course to see how it feels ! and it felt badass ! boost moved down to about 2500rpm and starts climbing all the way up to redline. Then i heard some messed up sounds :eek: .. first i heard what i thought was the blow off valve and then i heard some hardcore pinging, at the next stop light the car was idling and running rough so i thought "shit !". We pulled over and checked over the engine and found that the boost blew off the vacume line going to the map sensor which caused the computer to cut fuel and run lean at high boost which explains the blowoff valve sound and the hardcore pinging i heard lol.. I reconnected the line and wire tied it on tight and the car was back to normal :).

So theres my update, sorry its so long but its been a really long time ! the car is feeling great and im just waiting on my friend to set me up with my dyno run and ill update you guys with my new numbers so hold on ! i wish he would hurry up !, im hoping for 170 - 180whp and tq.. that would make me happy happy ! Im sorry about not getting some videos.. i dont have a digital video camcorder and my friends that suppose to make me a video hasnt come around yet but im still trying :).. Thanks for reading :cool:

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Sounds great man! I would love to hear your car, so the video would be nice.
You seem to do alot of waiting on friends, but if thats the only thing holding you back, your lucky :)
keep it up
yea i know.. but hey everyones busy nowdays ! if i had a dyno in my backyard id tune it everynight till its perfect lol and if i had a digital video camcorder i would have videos up :(.. plus about the dyno tune i dont wanna drop it off just anywhere, i would rather have a friend of a friend :) btw Sean, does whiteline make a front swaybar for Gen3 Camrys ? :) if so lemme know and i need some new rotors soon so ill check you out again :)

Pm or Email me, we can talk.
Whiteline does not have a front sway bar for the camry. They say it is balanced the way it is. :rolleyes: I am looking at some other things like chassis bracing.
Man your car sounds badass!!! Good job:thumbup:
Sweet man. It has been a long while since the last update, but it was worth it. Do you have plans for an aftercooler of some sort?
sounds like you're having lots of fun with your "auto" "4cyl" haha :lol: , hurry up and get it on the dyno :thumbup:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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