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Built Engine

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What exactly constitutes a built engine?

Specifically, what parts are needed, what machine work has to be done, what block reinforcements (if necessary) have to be done, etc?
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built bottom end usually refers to aftermarket pistons and rods....some machine work will be required depending on the condition of ur block....after market cams...valve springs/retainers would be consider head work....
there are several different levels of a built block, to me a fully built block would be:

stripped down bare (block and head), then dipped in acid, then honed and level out mating surfaces
forged crank (unless the stock one is strong enough to hold your power needs) with chamfered oil passages
new bearings all around
forged, billet, or H-beam rods with new rod caps and arp rod bolts
forged pistons with new rings.
ARP Main bolts
Full port and polish on the head.
New/stronger and lighter valves
Stronger retainers
stronger springs
reground or billet camshafts
metal headgasket

that should do:D
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all of the above ill have in two weeks...he he he cant wait!
bastard:mad: lol jk:lol:

nice man, will there be a turbo in there as well?
racerhex said:
all of the above ill have in two weeks...he he he cant wait!
No fair! I'm jealous :(
well in two weeks ill have my built block parts will be disclosed at a later date with all sort of pics. Once Im up in canada for the niagra meet the turbo and new heads will be isntalled. We will toy with high comp boosted and if that dosnt yeild enough switch to low comp! I cant wait for sure im all excited! Tony here i come he he he!:D
I'd say built just means you did work to the engine that is not standard OEM treatment. Typically when somebody says its "fully built" it means the slapped all the upgrade parts they could find on the engine.

Technically, I'd say its kinda silly to say your engine was "built". Duh! How would you use your engine if it was in pieces?
mear play on words...thats all everyone has different terminology for everything! Built as in built up...beefed up! Same thing!
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