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built in amplifier? in my 91 sw20

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i was searching for the radio wires for the sw20 (i wanted to se the colors of the wires) and i end up seeing in this page that the 91 sw20 came with a built in amplifier, and a cd option. (i live in the U.S.) does my car have an amplifier and woffer that i dont know about?this is the main waeb page with cd player
-without cd player-
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yes. one of the options in the MR2 was a "premium stereo" with 7 speakers. 2 tweeters-in the doors near side mirrors, 2 full range-at ankle level in the forward part of the doors, 2 mid range- in side panels behind the seats panels , a small woofer-behind and below the drivers seat underneath where you would store your T-Tops, and a amplifier in the side panel behind the drivers seat on the bottom.
Regarding the built in amplifier for the speakers and 5.25 woofer, does anyone know the wattage output for both amplifiers?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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