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2007 Acura TL Type S
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I have always been into cars and spend plenty of time on other forums of cars that I currently own or have owned. We LOVE our new Highlander and everything it offers, my only complaint so far is that it offers absolutely nothing exciting as far as lighting goes...well except for the cool ambient lighting on the interior door panels and dash storage shelf. The front doesn't even offer HID headlamps, when most manufacturers are already beyond HID's and now focusing on LED headlamps. The rear tail lamps don't even have LED brake lamps when even inexpensive cars have had these for over a decade. I'm not exactly sure why Toyota decided to leave all the exterior lighting like they did, but for a $41,000+ vehicle it would have been nice to have some more advanced lighting especially on a vehicle that offers all sorts of other tech options. Maybe they did that so that they can change things for a mid-cycle refresh I don't know.
Anyway, my question is, without me having to yank out tail light bulbs, turn signal bulbs, and front parking/turn signal bulbs, can anyone give me the bulb types used for all these? I opened the owners manual and surprisingly it didn't really even say...unless I was looking in the wrong spot I don't know.

Now im not one that likes to use cheap products or something that's more of a downgrade than an upgrade, but a product I currently use in my current Acura is downright amazing! The VLED V3 Triton LED's are plug and play replacements for the standard incandescent bulbs in our vehicles. They are not those cheap "tower" LED bulbs that have 100 LED's mounted all over the damn place that dont focus the light and all about disappear in any sort of sunlight. These have high power Osram Rebel LED's mounted inside the unit that uses a lens to focus the light exactly how a incandescent bulb does in a reflector housing. The length can even be adjusted so that the light is emitted at the same spot the filament is in the standard bulb. I tried fitting one of these bulbs into the front park/turn signal spots in the Highlander headlight housing and they fit perfectly.
So the point of this thread is to let people know that want a true LED upgrade that these are hands down the best out there! If anyone can get me bulb numbers for the front turn/parks bulbs, rear turn signals, and rear brake bulbs it would be greatly appreciated, or atleast tell me where I can find them in the owners manual. I would be more than happy to be the first person to try these in the Highlander...just as I was over on the Acura forums with my TL when these first came out. THese arent the cheapest bulbs, but for what you get I think they are very reasonable. Whats best is that they are 100% plug and play. No modifications to anything on your car whatsoever which is absolutely key to me.

Here are a couple pictures of the bulbs themselves and some output shots showing a comparison between stock incandescent bulbs and the VLED V3 Triton LED's. Plenty of youtube videos on these as well. Atleast we can spruce up our lights a little bit ;-)

Here are the amber and red units that I currently have in my 07 TLS:

VLED V3 Triton LED on the left, stock turn signal on right. No comparison!

This picture shows left turn signal stock bulb, right side has the V3 LED with sunlight in foreground.

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