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bull bar or light bar?

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well thinking of my new mod and was wondering what all you thought. should i get a bull bar or just get a light bar for my truck? any inputs would be appreciated.
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a bull bar will kill your approach angle if you ever do any off roading, and a light bar looks better IMO

simple is better
Light bar, like Oakley says, simple is better. And there are some pretty simple designs out there that stand out quite well.
another vote for a light bar
I kinda like bullbars honestly, but oakley is right, they'll hurt your angle of attack a bit.
Get the light bar, cause a bull bar adds no protection (light bars don't either) and light bars fit more lights. Order an N-Fab light bar, they are awesome. Order from them directly too, really great customer service
they both take away from the look of the truck in my opinion. neither add any protection. light bars look like a bunch of thin tubing bent up in all different ways and stuck to the front of the truck. bull bars look autozone-ish. id either do a full bumper like an arb if i was wheeling my truck, or keep the front end of the truck clean. just my opinion, i know few will agree with me;)
I guess its all a matter of opinion. I hate the full bumpers... LoL DO WHAT YOU WANT, don't let us sway you otherwise :)
i hate the full bumpers too but they look better than bull bars and light bars by far. i like the way a truck looks with nothing done to it but lift and tires and wheels. the truck itself should be left alone, except things like window tint and ventshades and stuff. the essentials you know.
sorry for the thread-jack...but where can you get the n-fab light bar...and approx how much...

in my opinion...bull bars serve no purpose and they look a little on the intrusive side...very few, if any, taco's can pull it off
I ordered my light bar direct from N-Fab. it was 156.xx shipped to my house.
light bar FTW :thumbsup:
i would go with an n-fab light bar
well i am definitely in the minority but i like my bull bar. i'm gonna order some lights next month for it.

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that doesn't look so bad.... probably because it's ALL black. usually the skid comes in a silver or chrome.
Still a fan of the light bar over the bull bar. I think it looks better and is also much more functional.

Bull bar = negative functionality to me (destroys approach angle and provides no positive structural benefit even though you can mount a couple of lights)

Light bar = holds lights (does what it is designed to do without any negative side-effects)

Once again, I am biased. I sent my OEM bumper to the dump in three pieces because its approach angle did not meet the requirements of the obstacle that was in its way. I can't imagine what hanging more crap below the bumper would have done.

It's your truck, though. Get a bull bar if that is the style you want and are going to stay on pavement.
Of the options, light bar. Oh and guys, the N-Fab bar is sold under the Smittybuilt name @ 4 wheel parts for just over $100. Same exact bar. See for yourself, it is a clean look and it is IMHO beefier than a bull bar.

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