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Bull Bar w/ Skid plate: Black or Chrome

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I want to get a Bull bar w/ Skid plate, but I don't know whether to get the Bull bar, black or chrome? I have a Black 05 TRD Offroad w/ black nerf bars. As you can see from the picture below, I have chrome around the grille. Please let me know what you suggest. Thanks.
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black here

Check out my link and you can see what black on black looks like. I love it.
I like the black, but the broblem is I have chrome on the grille. So that makes me second guess the black.
Black matches anything!

Seriously, I think maybe black because you already have some chrome and it will offset that a bit and still have the chrome skid plate underneath. Of course, with the chrome grill you wouldn't go wrong with more chrome. Personally, I'd go for matching the nerf bars.

But either color will look great so go with what color you prefer.

My vote is for the Black. I'm sure you can get a black one with the chrome/stainless steel skid plate on it. That would be nice.
It looks like you have black tube steps, so you should certainly go with a black bull bar.

I think the chrome accessories only look good on light and bright colored trucks.

In the future it might look good if you bought a black grille, to replace your chrome one.

As you can tell by looking at my truck, I love black on black.

Black it is!! Thanks guys
cephasiii said:
Black it is!! Thanks guys

where you ordering it from ?
don't know yet... I think I want a Westin?
got my westing on Ebay for 252$ shipped. Not too bad.. thought I still have not heard from the "Power Seller" :ugh3:
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