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bump from rear

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i've asked questions on this site about a bump feel from rear after coming to a stop in an '09 taco, but will the tsb for the rear springs and shocks help with this problem? this is the only complaint that i have had about this truck since i bought it 4 months ago. the dealer said the bump/nudge thats coming from the rear is a recoil from the rear end. since i have last posted about this i have driven a ext. cab 2wd non-prerunner and it had the same symptom as my prerunner and talked about the problem with a guy who has an '06 taco trd sport 4wd and said he doesn't have the problem. so i don't know what to do. if anyone that has a prerunner that has had the tsb done please give me some info it will thanked

'09 taco prerunner non-trd
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Do a search on the word "lurch". It's been discussed ad nauseum. Oh, and the dealer is an idiot.

One more thing, see if it happens only when the A/C is on.
The AC cycles with the windshield defrost also (even if the AC button isn't lit), keep that in mind while doing your testing.
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