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what's the difference between the 93-94 camry bumpers and the 95-96 camry bumpers and can they be interchanged?
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CamryPunk said:
Turn signals. That's the difference.
Not just. On the Gen 3.5 there are fins on the inside of the most outter air dams.

Gen 3:

Gen 3.5:

The piece in the center of the bumper are also much more visible on the 3.5 than the 3 as you can see.

Along with a small piece behind the bumper that can be found on Gen 3.5 but not the Gen 3. However that piece can be put in.

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Man now I'm pissed... so im gonna explain the story

So I'm pulling out onto the highway (or trying to) and this guy in a truck is in front of me... he starts going and i figure.. ya know he's gonna pull out like he should.. so i turn around to look for cars... and turn back around and im looking at brake lights... so i slam the brakes but it's too late... fortunately or unforunately (depending on how you look at it) I hit his trailer hitch and it knocked a hole into my bumper... but there was no damage to his truck.... well he takes down my info and today i get a call from progressive and the the guy says that there might be "a few minor scratches"
WTF!? First: you didnt have to report it dickhead
Second: The only thing i did was rub rust of your hitch so i was doing you a fucking favor
I mean yeah, its my fuck up so i deserve what comes to me i guess... apparently they're reporting it to my insurance so im gonna some of my deductables because im a teenager.... can't say im goin to Hburg anytime soon... I-83/81 can blow me

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wow. i never knew the headlights were diffrent as well.

I'm well adware of the bumper fins on the bottom and the turning signals and the grill. but never the head lights. So according to the pictures above the gen3.5 headlights are slightly a little wider. I guess those aren't interchangeable unless you get a gen3.5 and saw off a chunk. lol

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initial-T said:
headlights are same. its bumper lights that are different.
WHAT??? Didn't you look at the pic RAZO provided? In addition, I would like to commend RAZO for the nice reference to the Rod Millen Camry in his explanatory picture.:D
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