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:headbang: Ok, I have a 87 toyota 4x4 with Goodyear Wrangler P235-15 tires that have about 25k miles on them but are 11 years old. The tires look like new because the truck is always stored inside and the sun has not sun baked the tires or cracked them. The truck is driven about 2 k miles a year.

So today I decided to have the tires rotated and balanced. Went to Walmart and they said because the truck was only rated for P225-15 tires (they go by the door tag or online specs) it was against there policy to rotate or balance the tires for safety reasons. I said no one else has ever had a problem in 11 years and were talking P225 verses P235, come on. It turns out there have been some recent law suites. The manager told me one of the employees was recently let go for working on a truck with oversized tires, though he did not cause any problems - just broke policy.

I then decided to drive to Discount Tire (down the street) for a Rotate and Balance. The manager said nice truck, want to sell it. He then looked at the tires and told me since the tires are older than 10 years - it was against their policy to service them. Same issue - he even told me some businesses won't touch a tire if older than 6 years now. You have got to be kidding! I said I have a 96 Miata (driven < 2 k miles a year) with 25k on the tires but the tires are older too - he said no luck either. I must buy new tires. He also told me legislation is forthcoming regarding the restriction and soon no business will service the tires. :facepalm: I said the %%$#*% bureaucrats enacting new policies again, they should be focusing on OUR economy not this crap!

I then decided to drive way the heck to Goodyear (out of town) where the tires were purchased originally with a lifetime rotation and balance plan. They did not say a thing and neither did I! Got them rotated and balanced for free under the plan. I never go there anymore only because it is a long drive - until now. Guess they will be servicing my truck again.

See yah all in Atlanta soon - heading there from MN with my newly balanced tires! Hope the old girl makes the trip ok. Pulling our Scamp trailer there for vacation and to see our son.:chug:

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