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Burning oil??

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I have a 94 v6 3.0 pickup, 166,000 miles, have had one issue with the engine since Ive owned it. The engine has a clicking noise that speeds up when I accelerate at low speeds. But this isnt the issue im asking about. My problem is after about 2100 miles after an oil change, my check engine light comes on, and I check my oild, and its too low. I dont have any oil stains in my parking lot, no smoke coming out the tail pipe. Only things Ive done lately is, oil change every 3k, new air filter, flushed the radiator 3k miles ago, and did some Seafoam. The truck is currently running ok, but I know burning that much oil cant be good, any ideas? I would like to have some good info when I bring it into my mechanic if it needs work.

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Have you taken a compression reading? Has the PCV valve been replaced?
I have not done a compression reading, does autozone or checker do this? I'm not sure what a PCV valve is, so I know it hasnt been replaced.
A compression test is something you'll have to do on your own I'm afraid. Or you can pay to have a mechanic do it. The PCV valve is a real pain to get at on the V6, so let's hope someone replaced it before you bought your truck.

How much oil do you have to put in your engine once the engine check light (or low oil pressure light) comes one to bring it back up to the full mark on the dipstick?
I'm burning 1 qt every 2k miles it looks like.
Not too darned bad for an engine with 166,000 miles on it....
what exactly does the PCV valve do?
an interesting that i found out about these trucks burning oil is that toyota actually will approve an engine if it burns less than 1 quart @ 900 miles. when i had my 22re replaced in my '90 i took it back in a couple months later because i saw that it was burning oil. the tech did some work on it and contacted toyota about it to find out what they thought. from his work on the truck he found that it was burning 1 quart @ 1500 miles. when he told toyota this they told him that it was acceptable and met their standards for the engine.

The original recommendation for oil changes was every 10,000 miles or 12 months. Unless you fell under the severe duty category, then it was every 5,000 miles or 12 months. I wonder how long an engine would last if you only changed it's oil ever 10,000 miles?
Ya your lucky man. I got a 22re with 163,000 miles in a '91 which burns one quart every 300 miles with no leaks, puddles and very minimal smoke only when i start it up. These things love oil.
probably the piston rings going weak and what not... cold starts I can notice alot of blowby into the crank, i just don't have power haha. when the motor is warm, thats where the fun starts.
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