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Burning smell?

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I have a 07 reg cab 4x4, and recently whenever I park the truck and walk around to the rear there is a strong burning smell, like burning rubber. Its coming from the right rear wheel well area. The truck drives normal, the brakes do not seem to be sticking, I can touch both rear drums, they are warm but not real hot. I looked around under the truck and can not seem to locate where the smell is coming from. Has anyone had this happen before? I will probably have to take it to the dealer but its about 40 miles away and I hate to spend my whole Saturday there! Thanks Bob
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dumb question but gotta ask
which side does your tailpipe come out ...right side"

check it for something sitting/rubbing on it
that would be just a guess ;-D
also dumb question but gotta ask, is it a manual and do you know how to drive stick :dunno:
also dumb question but gotta ask, is it a manual and do you know how to drive stick :dunno:
:lol::clap:i'd check the exhaust not just the tail pipe with the whole thing could be touching something or there might be a rubber mount or something screwed up
Could be your exhaust melting your spare tire?
ID like to think i know how to drive manual pretty well and sometimes just moving the truck around especially going in and out of first gear/reverse a couple times i can smell the clutch....smell in between the finder and the hood thats where i can usually smell it
03+ 4runners do this too, it's the exhaust pipe and the spare tire. My wifes 4runner has over 60k on it and there is zero damage to the tire, it must just be an off-gassing...
that happened to me when I put my TRD cat-back exhaust on, went away in a day or two. Turned out it was packing material that got into the exhaust and got lit up pretty well. Is your exhuast relatively new?
Thanks for all the replies. Today I jacked the truck up and looked underneath the whole truck. I can not find anything that looks like it could be burning. The truck has the factory exhaust on it and I paid extra attention to it, I thought about the spare tire but it doesn't seem to have any marks or burns on it. I don't think its the clutch because I know how to drive a stick and also you can only smell it at the right rear wheel. Maybe something got on the exhaust and finally burned off, like maybe a plastic bag? I guess I will keep an eye on it and if it continues it will have to go to the dealer. Thanks Bob
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