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Burnt clutch >200 miles

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HMMMM! Replaced clutch in my 1990 v6 toy 4x4, use truck for plowing only. 2 snowstorms later i have a burnt out clutch. been driving stick for 25years, didn't get stuck in snow, don't pop clutch: can think of no reason why clutch burned out so quickly.
Any thoughts ???????
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did you get new flywheel/resurface old flywheel?
Were you in 4x4?

I've been driving stick for many years myself but am very new to plowing with a stick. 4x4 helps alot.
replaced clutch: floor jack, bootle jack, 2 * wrench monkeys 4hrs. l
ooks like the throw out bearing was sticking on shaft, not letting clutch disengage completely. looked like a birds nest in the housing, gave it a thorough cleaning, lots of brake cleaner and rags, lubed her up with anti-sieze. hope the new one lasts a little longer.
oh yeh! 2wd unless required, 4h just need a little traction, 4l anytime i'm pushing snow. Toyotas have an awesome 4wd system. Anything upto 2004 makes a great medium duty plow truck. Toyota lost out by not keeping the beefier frame, lots of plow manufactures will only sell light duty/personal use plows for anything after 04.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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