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Busted bumper brackets

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I don't have pics, so I hope my description is good!

We've had lots of snow, which then froze *solid*, which means I have a narrow path to get in and out of my drive, with frozen solid "walls" on either side.

It seems that when pulling into my drive, I've managed to clip the passenger front of the car at slow speed, and damaged the bumper.

The entire side was pulled away from the car, and it looks like there is a busted black clip towards the top of the bumper unit, but further down to the floor, back by the wheel there are two silver metal squares, and what look to be slots for them in the bumper unit itself.

Any ideas how to get them back on? It seems I can't put enough pressure on it myself to get it back on securely, and it's a hard spot to see while I'm pushing ...

I can get pictures if this doesn't make sense - hopefully when it's not dark!

Fortunately, there is no visible body damage! (phew), I wouldn't want to have to buy a new SE bumper!
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Actually I just went out to look at it in day light, and it's not as hard to fix as I thought - the bracket section actually screws in from the bottom, so I can remove it, engage the brackets, then screw it onto the bumper.

Unfortunately I do have a crack in the plastic as it curves under the car, but it's not really visible from the front.

I'll fix that up tonight!

Panick over.
Glad you found the problem. Winter sucks, I must admit one day during the winter I was driving a bit too fast for the turn and I slid off the road and plowed into the snowbank on the side (luckily it had just snowed so was mostly snow, dirt, and slush and not ice). I was lucky the bumper didn't come off or crack, although I have some pretty serious scratches on the right corner of my bumper.
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