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Buurin's everything must go thread

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Here is what I have for sale. All prices in C$. All located in Toronto, Ontario.

Mastercraft digital multimeter. $25
For features, go to and look up 52-0055.
Works good. Test lead broke and is not included. Requires one 9V battery, also not included. Includes case that could hang the meter and hold the test leads. Pics of actual meter on request.

TES 2330 digital LCR+multimeter. $60

Beyond standard meter features, measures frequency to 200khz, inductors to 20h, capacitors to 20uF, logic tester. Includes box, test lead and temperature probe.

Mastercraft Maximum 1/2" impact socket, 19mm and 21mm, brand new, never used, $5 each
If you want some other sizes, let me know - I have an entire kit with more sizes than I'll ever use.

Mastercraft 1/2" 7.5A electric impact wrench $60
240ft-lbs, very good condition, with manual, carry case and cardboard sleeve.

14mm crowfoot wrench $4
16mm crowfoot wrench $4
Brand new, never used.

1GB DDR2-533 SODIMM memory, out of a HP tx1000 laptop $20

1GB DDR2 PC5300 FBDIMM memory meant for a server, brand new unopened $20

Motomaster 2ton jack stands. $10/pair

Motomaster 11-1571 100/15/2 automatic battery charger $45
Used but in like new condition
Charges 6v at 15A
Charges 12v at 2A or 15A
100A engine start

I will consider a trade for the following:
mountain bike with F&R disc brakes
A Pentium 3 era motherboard with PLCC flash bios, like these:

dead boards I have to take for free...
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