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2000 VE

Like a-lot of people here my corolla has turned to the dark side and started drinking oil at a alcoholic pace. It started off as a small amount and gradually got to a point where it's eating to much.
The motor is at the point of power loss and I can feel it about to seize up any moment.

I've called around and the best price for a motor is 1k but the guy couldn't tell me if it was rebuilt avoiding the piston ring problem again.

So the questions are,

Can someone recommended a rebuild kit for me?

I've seen some rebuild kits for $700 but then again i've seen a gasket set & piston and ring set for $200.

Instructions and helpful hunts?

My knowledge of motors are pretty slim and I will be relying on my friend to rebuilt the motor with me helping. Are there particular things to watch for and avoid or address while tearing down and installing?

What other motors fit in this body with easy installation?

I hear JDM motors are good but won't work for my car. Is this true?

Based off of what I've researched were going to do,

Head off and machined
Head gasket
Valve cover and stem's
Intake manifold gasket
Exhaust manifold gasket
Piston's and Rings

I don't know the condition of the cylinder walls so I don't know what size rings to get yet. Can someone give me some insight on their experiences?

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