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Disclaimer: and its staff members are not responsible for anything that is traded or sold in the Commerce forums. If you choose to sell, buy, or trade in these forums you do so at your own risk. Please use common sense when you participate in these transactions/deals. If you encounter problems with another member regarding a deal/sale, please take the issue up with that person and, in a worst case scenario, contact the local police where your buyer/seller/trader lives. So remember, BUYER BEWARE--BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

* 11/14/2014 note: The most significant changes to the rules below--including the posting template--compared to the previous rules are highlighted in blue. Thanks! *

Buy/Sell Forum Rules

1. Please post your location (city/state/province/country) in the body of your for-sale/want-to-buy thread as indicated in the posting template. Indicate if you're willing to ship internationally, and please state if you require a currency other than USD or a payment method other than PayPal.

2. All threads in the Commerce forums shall begin with "FS," "WTB," or "WTT"--no exceptions--and any thread containing an eBay auction must include "eBay" in the thread title in addition to "FS".

3. This is not eBay: Post an asking price. Some exceptions will be made in the event of full part-outs (at the discretion of forum Moderators).

4. Your post MUST include quality pictures of the items for sale. No "contact me for pictures" is allowed. Threads without pictures will be deleted without warning.

5. Any type of off-topic replies will be deleted.

6. No spam! (Please refer to forum rules.) Absolutely no commercial advertisements, dealer, or bulk sales allowed by non-vendors. If you wish to become a vendor on Toyota Nation please contact an Administrator.

7. When listing parts, please include which model/models the part fits as per our listing template (see below these rules). Failure to do so causes unnecessary confusion in the sales process, and may lead to staff editing or deleting of sale threads.

8. Do NOT start 3 threads if you have 3 items for sale. Group everything together in one thread please.

9. No excessive thread bumping. Only one bump per 48 hours allowed.

10. Posts in the wrong Buy/Sell or Want to buy (WTB) forum will be moved without notice.

11. If you are interested in an item, use the Private Message function or email, whichever available, to contact the seller.

12. Please do not use all CAPS per forum rules.

13. Contact information such as email address or phone number are listed at your discretion. We take no responsibility or liability for contact information posted to the open forum.

If any of these rules are not followed, threads will be locked without notice. Thank you.


Commerce Forum Listing Template: Please use this template when posting to the Commerce Forums. Failure to do so may result in any number of staff editing actions.

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