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Buy updated DVD for newer GPS data?

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We'll be doing a lot of exploring with our 2005 Highlander (which has oem Toyota GPS system), and I'm wondering whether it would be worthwhile to buy a new DVD full of GPS data. I've driven to a few restaurants listed in the GPS that no longer exist, and driven on new roads that the GPS doesn't know about!

But I think the DVD costs about $200.

Does anyone have advice as to whether the data in a current DVD would be significantly more reliable than 2005 data (both road data, and point-of-interest data)?

Also, I'm assuming the new DVD would just provide newer info, and not change the programming of the GPS system... that is, the menus, screens, etc., right?

Thanks, Dan
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Look online for copies of the DVD, I got my 2008 update for my Pioneer avic system.

If anyone on the forum has an updated DVD for the Highlander, burn a copy and send it to him.

An no, just the info will be updated, not the screen and such.

Hope this helps.
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