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Buying a 2004 Tacoma

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I currently have a 89 2WD pickup which is coming to the end of it's life and I think it's time for a new truck.

I am considering picking up a 04 tacoma and was wondering if anyone here has any advice for me. I am mostly interested in what everyone is paying for their new tacomas msrp? I would like to get a extended cab 4WD 5-speed 2.7L with SR5 and power options. On toyota's site a tacoma optioned like that is around 23k msrp. I am hoping I can get one cheaper than this since they will want to make room for the 05s. If I get one this will be my first new car so I appreciate any advise.


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This is the time of year to make the best deal. The problem is that you might not find the exact model and options you want. Last time I checked, the dealers listed their inventory on the web. Let your fingers do the walkin' and look around. Another thought--last year I was looking at new trucks and found one 6 months old, in great shape for significantly less than new, and with a manufacturer's warranty the rivaled the new warranty.
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