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buying a lifted tacoma and have questions

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The truck that I am set up to purchase tomorrow is a 2002 Tacoma ext. cab with a 3 inch lift and big all-terrain tires. I dont know how big of a problem this is, but he said that when he put the lift kit on there was some issue about the tension of the trans. cable and now when you shift, the light doesnt quite match what gear you are in. To be in Low you are really putting the light on 2nd. Its kind wierd, but its not like those ones you see that you have to wiggle back and forth to get it in gear. It goes right into each gear and locks in great(no play), but the shifter doesnt sit where it should. He said there may be a possibility of getting some sort of extension.

Also, there is a small issue of it getting out of 4WD. If you take it out of 4WD, before the 4WD light will go off you just have to give it a little tap in reverse. Not sure what the prob. is there, but it doesnt seem to be too big of an issue.
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Unless you want a project, walk away from it. This thing sounds like it may be a hack job.

What kind of lift is it? If it is a body lift don't buy it. Body lifts are nightmares that you do not want to deal with. Over time the body mounts collapse under the stress and your cab no longer sits right on the frame. I figure it is because I don't see how a suspension lift causes any of these issues.

There is no shift cable. The transmission is electronic with a mechanical linkage that goes from the lever to the trans. They probably didn't bother to adjust anything for the body lift. If this detail was over looked, then there is no telling what other short cuts were taken.
With those types of problems, it probably is a body lift. I don't like them myself, but many people run them. If they're done right, there shouldn't be any problems, but a lot of people who install them don't do the necessary mods.
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