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catsgrave said:
Hi there,

greetings from melb, aus

just need some expert advise

My gf is buying a 91 Camry from a used dealer. I am not sure what is the exact model.
How can i findd out?

the VIN has got SV21 and a bunch of numbers
the engine number starts with 3S8

It has 244169kms. i am buying it for AUD3500 drive away.. is it a good buy?

I went and take a look with an experience friend..

When i start the car, the engine seems fine but when i turn on the air con the engine RPM fluctuates a little and when i rev the car, the engine shudders and fluctuates a little. After
5 mins the engine seems fine with the air con turned on.

I have done a test drive. I like the solidness

just abit worried about the engine. What do you guys think? the dealer says that he will take it to the mechanic to get a road worthy and get the engine fixed.

car yards will generally be a good bit above a private sale and they may have cleaned it up. there is a mobile mechanic in sydney and melbourne in the phone book that will go over it for you for around $90. here is a fantastic place to start as well as research by typeing what you know into google, and have a second look as they rust in the boot under the rubber pretty well. haveing said that they seem to be a nice little car, gennerally a service plugs leads fuel filter and look under the dizzy cap ( needs a small spanner or socket ). i have a 89 holden apollo which is just a rebaged camery that has halve as many km's again as the one you looked at. condition, and history when buying a second hand car can be important, road worthy and rego as well are important with a realistic price,does it have a full service history in the glove box, realy picking it to bits to see the pluses and minuses of all the important bits. the price you can check on the net in the red book ( search google ) also it it auto or manual ? you need to write all the details down from the plate under the bonnet ( there are 2 plates ) possible off rego sticker or what displayed on the car by the dealer. the 1991 june modle in the redbook is around

SV21 SE Sedan 4dr Man 5sp 2.0i
National average price - private sale* $1,200 - $2,700

basically have a good look under the hood, is nice a clean or has it been detailed, to make it look better, search for what to look for when buying a second hand car or the ten things to look for a generaly worth talking the time to look at, also test drive a few others from different places for a test ( private and dealers ) and look them over will give you a good bench mark to compare it too. i do a lot of my own work on cars and grew up in a wrecking yard, i'm no expert however i like to be carefull, as all cars need general maintenance parts on higher mileage cars wear out some cars run nice and some can be interesting, how ever parts are every where from wreckers, and most of them seem to be good for high milage, when i got mine i looked at 40 cars and a lot i walked away from, mind you mine was only $1000 + rego add a few hundred for tune up bits , the more experienced members will have much more knowledge with these fine medium size cars, good luck with it . i just saw the bit with the dealer, in QLD the car must come with a safety certifcate and have waranty, some dealers are selling some of the cars that wont pass this unregistered so they dont have to fix them or offer waranty, genneraly is they say they will fix it at a car yard they may replace repair or do a small tune up, how ever from what i've seen my self while in car yards looking at them and talking to the guys out the back cleaning up cars i've seen some eye opening stuff, if its not running or presenting very well i will walk away unless i'm satisfied, how ever thats just me some yards are better than others , all vic road When Things Go Wrong
Unfortunately when purchasing a car, things can go wrong. It is always best to attempt to resolve the issue with the trader first. If you have a roadworthy problem, you may wish to contact the licensed tester who issued the Roadworthy Certificate, obtain another certificate or contact: Consumer Affairs Victoria

If you can't reach resolution with the trader yourself, you can contact us by:
  • phoning Consumer Affairs Victoria between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday, on: 1300 558 181
  • visiting between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday,
    • Victorian Consumer & Business Centre
      113 Exhibition Street
      Melbourne, 3000
    • Consumer Affairs Victoria
      GPO Box 123A
      Melbourne, 3001
Motor Car Traders Guarantee Fund
You may be able to apply to the Guarantee Fund Claims Committee for a claim against the Motor Car Traders' Guarantee Fund if you have lost money because of a licensed motor car trader:Application for claim

regards clancey.
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