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Hi there,

greetings from melb, aus

just need some expert advise

My gf is buying a 91 Camry from a used dealer. I am not sure what is the exact model.
How can i findd out?

the VIN has got SV21 and a bunch of numbers
the engine number starts with 3S8

It has 244169kms. i am buying it for AUD3500 drive away.. is it a good buy?

I went and take a look with an experience friend..

When i start the car, the engine seems fine but when i turn on the air con the engine RPM fluctuates a little and when i rev the car, the engine shudders and fluctuates a little. After
5 mins the engine seems fine with the air con turned on.

I have done a test drive. I like the solidness

just abit worried about the engine. What do you guys think? the dealer says that he will take it to the mechanic to get a road worthy and get the engine fixed.

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