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Buying a used Celica

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Hi, i'm new to this forum, i'm looking at used Celica's and have a few questions, any help much apreciated.

I'm replacing a BMW 320td, being a 150bhp diesel it's not bad on performance, and excellent on fuel.

typically i'm getting between 38-42mpg off the bmw, this is using it daily, going 16 miles round trip to work, mainly start-stop 40-40mph roads and the odd 20-30 mile motorway trip.

From expirience what am i likely to see from both the 140 and 190 versions of the celica, the car will remain unmodified.

also looking at used, 02 or 03 model year, any pointers on what to look out for (apart from the obvious condition matching mileage and pannel damage etc) like i've been told some have issues with the alloys and corrosion on the inside, does this just affect the 16" or do the 17" suffer too.

any advice gratefully recieved :)

Thanks in advance

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