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buying ABS

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I believe my parents bought package 4, the only one that does not come with ABS for my Gen4.5.. has anyone bought ABS alone from the toyota dealers? I'm just wondering what the price is.
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It is going to be tought to add ABS system into a car that was made for non ABS. Since your a i4, you have a 5sfe that came with front disc's and rear drums. The i4 Camrys that came equiped with ABS had rear disc's as well. For the price of a rear drum to disc conversion and then adding aftermarket ABS (since toyota one is not an option IMO) your pretty much spending close to a grand (since you asked toyota dealership). For that price, i'd just buy good tires and ensure your current braking system is not worn and is great working condition (pads have life and rotors resurfaced, and e-brake reconditioned and/or re-adjusted).
Some Gen 4 came with ABS and still had the disc/drum setup. My uncle's 97 or 98 4 banger Camry had ABS.
I am sure that the Gen 4 LE's had that as an option.
I do not know if ABS is standard on the XLE trim line but I am sure that ABS is not available on the CE trim line.
I never even knew that ABS was an aftermarket option these days :confused:
anyone care to suggest links/sites where I can find out about ABS products for a Gen 3?

For I don't have ABS, and It's about 50% winter driving where I live
I have not seen a Gen 4 5SFE have rear discs stock. I think they all came with Disc/Drum setup.
haha its just, i was recently involved in an accident where my front tires locked going at 30ish mph.. i mean thats pretty lame since im used to driving a 3000gt and other cars with abs. so im just wondering if i can install abs so i can ensure this will not happen again.
It would be priced so far out of reach it would be easier and cheaper to buy a car with ABS. You have to have new master cylinder, ABS pump, ABS ECU, ABS speed sensors at each wheel, all wiring for the ABS, and these are jsut the items I can think of off the top of my head.

I hagve never heard of any aftermarket ABS system and if there is one it is not something I would want to put on my car unless it has been proven time and tiem again to work the way it is supposed to. Even if there was there is still going to be alot of work involved to install it and lots of labor.
Unfortunately, recently I saw a aftermarket abs system put into a Miata MX-5. I am a sales at a mazda dealership. Anyway, as I was walkthrough the garage to one of my buddy mechanics, he calls me over to the car he was working on, a 93 Miata. In it was an ABS system that was not stock. It had electrical taped wires that seemed to be running to the wheels. Another mechanic came over and looked at it. He knew what it was right off the bat. Aftermarket ABS he said. And that was why the vehicle was having problems electrically. My point is, don't do it. Aftermarket ABS's just have too many problems. Better off buying one with ABS.
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