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Buying my First Lexus

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I am only hours away from a puchase of a Lexus ES250. As a Camry owner for some years, I felt it was time to step it up a notch... Well, actually, in all honesty, I was on the hunt for a 5 speed Camry V6 and came across a 5 speed ES250. Figured it would fit the bill, with a bit of style added.

So I am interested in getting some info on the car's upgrade possibilities. I have already assumed that is the same type of capability as a Camry V6, but in all honesty, the search hasn't brought up much about it. If it's there, I missed it, but hey, whatever!
Mainly, I'm in search for tips on what I need to look for when it comes to upgrading suspension, exhaust, general stuff. I have thoughts of a motor swap far in the future, but in the mean time, might as well make it handle as good as I can. So what can I get? Haven't seen much in the way of aftermarket parts for this in google and ebay searches.

Also, anyone done much upgrading to one of these and have some pics and pointers?
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the ES250 is a great car, esp because it came avalible with the coveted 5spd V6 option
essentially an ES250 is a fully loaded camry with a dose of style thrown in...most of the parts cross over from ES to camry (still does with my 2003 ES), so any mods for a gen 2 V6 camry will fit the ES...

be sure to post pics!
i hope to get a classic ES250 to restore one day...i love that bodystyle for some reason
I need to get a pic posting photo site set up for myself, but I have pics. The car is a bit of a project, which I like! Once I start getting it as I want it, I'll have more to talk about, but so far, I am loving it. It has some giddyup, in comparison to my 91 Camry with the automatic 4 cyl.
looks good!
wow, looks like it's in great condition. how tall are you? the front seats are tilted really back
lookin good!
nice color combo :thumbup:
I'm 6 ft, but it doesn't feel gangster leaned. It's just that the wheel doesn't tilt on this one.
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