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Buying New Echo

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Hello everyone, i am considering buying a new Toyota Echo Hatchback in either the 2004/2005 years. I want it to be the Speedway Blue/Metallic Blue colour. I was just wondering if you guys could answer some questions for me!

1) how safe is it? Is it good for winter driving (i live in Canada... we need to think about that stuff!)

2) how does it drive on the highway?

3) what's the room like?

4) so if i hit a car, or got hit, what are my chances of NOT being squashed like an accordian??

I'm sure I have a million more questions, but my pick is between this car, a Mazda3, and the Chevrolet Aveo. In that order. Well, I'm more going for the Mazda3, but it's just so much more expensive!! Thanks guys!
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Hello Denise! I have a 2001 Toyota Echo.

1) I have been in 2 fairly bad accidents and I am still alive with no injuries! It drives pretty well in the snow. We had a big snow this last winter and I HAD to drive to work. I was pretty freaked out but, my car did just fine.

2) It does fine on the highway but, it does have a lot of road noise.

3) I have a 4-door and my car is very roomy! I took 4 of my friends to Seattle and they had plenty of room.

4) I don't know what to say if you got hit! I haven't had to deal with that. I just got rear-ended twice in one year! I am fine, like I said, but, my poor car had to go to the repair shop...

IF you have any other q's feel free to ask me! Hope that I at least helped you a little bit.

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