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OK, an open question, I know. My girlfriend has her eye on a used car, possibly an '03 Corolla CE we saw at a Minnesota Toyota dealership. 35,000 miles, AT, standard package for that model, certified, with 100k (100,000) drivetrain warranty. The dealership is asking $12,395 but said something about dropping the price to maybe $11k-something through her employer's discount plan. I know this whole pricing thing is really complicated. The Kelly Blue Book website values it at $13,175 from a dealer but $11,795 from an individual. I've also heard muttered warnings about using the online version of KBB -- an insurance agency I recently had cause to deal with told me they were not allowed to use website valuations (but were forced to do so in my case and I got $1400 for an '81 Corolla).

OK, assuming the car is clean, what is a fair price for this car? This is the first time we've bought cars from a dealer. Oh, the dealer thing is her preference. I am willing to help, but I am not doing the buying so that's her call.

I know dealers have to live too, so assuming we find a fair market value somehow, what is a fair markup for a used car? This was probably a lease trade-in so I'd guess they paid maybe $9k-$10k for it?

Thanks in advance.

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That is way to much you might as well get a new one.
My dad got an 05 corrolla for i believe 15-16 thousand at Burnsville toyota if i remember correct. I'll get back to you.

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A lot of good shit. What you gotta do is email them for the best prices. Try and get someone online to give you a quote. ITs different than going to teh dealer cause a better price is usually a click away.

Which dealer are you going to?
I hope this helps you out a bit.

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Here a trick that works: Write down the type of car you want and options you want. IF something doesn't matter like a choice of 2 colours than put that down too.

Fax or email it to 5-6 dealerships in the area, but only leave an email address or fax number for them to respond. You should get a range of prices from $2-3K (US) in difference. This is how I bought my last car and saved about $4000 (CdN) from what I was quoted when I walked into the dealer the first time. Even the dealer acknowledged I did my homework and it only took me about 30 minutes to wirte down what I wanted and fax it out.

I received responses within 2-3 days.
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