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Nice find! Now JDM it out and take off those Lexus and SC400 emblems and put on some ub3r-1337 Toyota Soarer emblems.

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so....when's the modding going to start? or a better question...when's it going to get boosted to make up for that ridiculously designed automatic? :D

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Sweet i want an SC300 myself.

I was aiming for a black or Gray interior. no offense, just preference, i kinda feel black or tan is more modern, more of age than tan....sorta grandpa-ish, lol

but gorgeous color, saw the same color SC300 FS on Clublexus in buffalo but with the vertex kit i believe.

I'll see you on soon :thumbsup:

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why didnt you tell me!!! haha looks awesome man, I love it- sad to see my twin go but definately a nice upgrade! happy for you man:D

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i take good pics. these were very quick, unedited, or any skill taken. the light was dimming, didnt have my tripod, but i had to post a pic of the sc LOL

Thanks guys :) ill still be a part of the toyota community..
1 - 20 of 55 Posts
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