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C.O. and travel

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I searched didnt find much. dont have alot of experince with lifts and suspension. this will be the first car i have modified in this a case a truck. Do coilover increase suspesnion travel and if so how much.
the new kings say they increase travel by 1.75"
how about
i no spacers decrease travel. so im not sure on this one.
i no a uca with uniball can add 1" of down travel but. do CO give me more travel over stock and how much if they do.
thank u
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So far Ive been told that a bolt in stock coilover gives around 8-9 inches of travel. If your really looking to use it that hard then throw down the money for a long travel kit like Total Chaos or Camburg and get 13+ inches of travel.
SAWs and Camburgs are the same. I think with UCAs and C/O you are looking at a 2" increase in overall travel to get you to that 9" number that 06HAOLE said. 9" is decent, and like he said, unless you plan to trash offroad, will serve you well. First gen five lug Tacos with TCs long travel only get 11", so 9" will do fine.
so we get about 7'' stock. well i guess no matter how good the coilover is, its travel is depended on the lenth and angles of the uca,lca, and the spindal. well its a daily driver and im on a budget so im sticking with mid travel. thanks.
Good call. If it is a daily driver, and you don't romp on it hard every weekend, mid travel is probably best for you. I would suggest Foxs and TC UCAs. I would also suggest the TC spindle gusset. It's CHEAP insurance. With the extra confidence you get offroad from the coilovers, it would be asy to bend the stock spindles. Your looking around $1600 for the front. Much less than LT, and it will work well. I have Allied spindles and Bilstein 5100s with TC UCAs in the front, and it's almost perfect for a DD and offroad truck.

edit: I just looked on AllPros site and you can get the Foxs with their UCAs, which are just as good according to most people for only $1489! Then for another $959, you could have the rear done with their 1.5" leafs and Fox reservoir shox and brake lines and u-bolt flip kit! So $2500 all of your suspension.
should be 8" of total travel in stock setup. 4" down and 4" up.
I'm pretty sure it's 3.5 and 3.5, but I could be wrong.
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