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Just wanted to drop you all a line..and I know many of you from C7.

We're looking for 2 modded cars to appear at a sport-compact show at
Sport Compact Nights

You will be given free admission, and appear under the new signature TRD booth sposnored by Toyota Canada!

Please contact me directly, or log into C7 and join our thread on the topic..

Here's a link to the original post... I am not around often enough on the board to check my pm's frequently, so please don't hesitate to pm me directly on C7, or email me, [email protected].

Thanks guys n'gals, and cheers!!

(p.s. I need to know within the next 24 hours, and I only have room for 2 cars, so please let me know asap)

You will simply be required to detail the car..clean it ..and I mean...wax it down..bring tire polish..etc..etc...

The TRD booth as you'll see from the C7 Darknights brand spanking new, and they won't be flying in their TRD cars...your cars will be center stage in the middle of a VERY clean and professional TRD Toyota we're not talking hardcore crazy ass carbon fiber everywhere type deal...just clean, and modded...

... you get free admission, VIP entry as you're part of an exhibitor booth..not just a regular car that is showing there..Toyota actuallly has rented space to "show off" it's TRD product brand, and they have this booth, and display cases to do it...the new display spectacular and yet simple..need the cars that way too...

Please contact me right away...I will be making a final announcement on the cars that are attending with TRD Toyota by Tuesday so if anybody else is interested you must let me know..

Btw..if you attend with TRD/Toyota will still have the opportunity to compete..(ifyou want) ...'re simply on display reppin ToyotaNation, and helping to sell & promote the Toyota & TRD brand image...I imagine I can also arrange to hookup some freebies of some kind too !!

I should add and stress that you would not be competing or showing on behalf of, or with C7 Performance. You can represent whatever club, store, or vendor you wan :)
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