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CA Smog Check Question for 97 Camry

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Hi Everyone,

I have a quick question, for the last two (2005, 2007) smog check for my 97 Camry LE. I was directed to a TEST ONLY SMOG CHECK STATION. Is this because the 5SFE engine has a know sludge problem?

I do see that my smog reports states I have a higher than avg reading.

On my smog check, Inspection reason is "High Emitter Profile" instead of the usual biannual inspection reason.

What cause my car to get this "High Emitter Profile" and how to do I get rid of it. What do I get (California) DMV to allow me to go to a regular smog check station. I'm tried of paying 2-3 times higher for the regular smog check.

On the paperwork, AVE = Average Emissions for Passing Vehicles. Does this refer to other Camry of the same make and model or the "class of the car, (ie Compact, Mid-sedan).

What should I be worried about, I wanted to get those figures lower.

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A certain amount of cars are just randomly sent to test only. Or so i've been told by DMV. You could have a 3 year old car and still get sent to a test only, in other words. As long as you pass, thats what counts.

I only know a few tips that might help, you know you should probably change the plugs and dist cap (if fitted) before a smog check right?
Also drive the car enough to make it good and hot before you get there, even though chances are it is going to sit for hours before they smog it, theres no rule against going out to warm up the car for 10 minutes when it looks like they are about to test yours - tell them any excuse that sounds plausible but it will help if the engine is hot.
All that matters is that you pass the damn smog check and not by how close you were. Tune the engine and change the oil like you are supposed to, and theres no reason to think the emissions are going to worsen to the fail point over the next 2 years of driving.
'97 doesn't have a distributor.

The '97 5sfe Camry I drive has been called a "Gross Pollutor" by CA emissions testing on the first attempt for the past couple tests. I think my dad had to get O2 sensor(s) replaced (this was when he drove it and I didn't have a license yet). But even then, the results weren't all that great.

In the mornings when the engine has just started (when it's cold, but only maybe 40 F) the exhaust is crazy - I would even call it somewhat comparable to Seafoam (although it's been at least 3 months since it last received the Seafoam treatment through the brake booster). So I too am curious...
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